Knewtson Health Group

Massage therapy goes beyond relaxation.  For centuries, massage has been used to help heal injured muscles, relieve pain, and improve mobility and function.  Our massage therapists have been trained to provide you with muscle work that will improve your overall health and wellness.  They are able to co-treat with your chiropractor and physical therapists to enhance the care you are already receiving as well as provide a unique treatment plan to address health concerns throughout the body

Our massage therapists utilize a variety of massage techniques including:

      Deep Tissue Massage                                               Myofascial Release Therapy                                       Medical Massage

      Swedish Massage                                                      Trigger Point Massage                                                 Acupressure Massage

      Sports Massage                                                         Oncology Massage                                                       Neuromuscular Therapy     

      Pregnancy/Prenatal Massage                                 Geriatric Massage                                                          Acute Injury Massage

      Carpal Tunnel Massage                                           Reflexology                                                                     Rehabilitative Massage

      Hot Stone Massage                                                  TMJ Massage                                                                   Express Massage

Massage Pricing

​30 Minute Massage:                   $50                     Youth Massage (Ages 18 and Under)            $40/30min, $60/60min, $85/90min            

60 Minute Massage                   $80                     Senior Massage (Ages 65 and Up)                  $40/30min, $60/60min, $85/90min

90 Minute Massage                   $105                   Military Massage Discount                              10% off for service members & family

90 Minute Hot Stone                 $125                  

Massage therapy has been shown to have benefits beyond relaxation, muscle tension, and pain.  Studies have shown that massage can reduce cortisol levels while increasing dopamine and serotonin, which helps decrease the symptoms of depression, anxiety, as well as manage stress and low energy.*  It also has been found to increase biochemicals that help boost the immune system.*  These, along with massage therapy's ability to speed healing of muscles, ligaments, and tendons makes it more than a luxury.  Rather, it's a powerful piece of a regular health care regimen to promote complete wellness.​

Massage Therapy