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We have a reputation of excellence in treating everything from general aches and pains to chronic conditions

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Pediatric Care

Knewtson Health Group in Excelsior

Knewtson Health Group

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Acupuncture in Excelsior, MN

Physical Therapy in Excelsior, MN

Knewtson Health Group

Massage in Excelsior, MN

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Speed your recovery from injuries and improve your sports performance with our athletic and medical specialists.

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Sports and Injuries

Family Wellness

Our providers have advanced training and education in prenatal, post-natal, maternal,  and pediatric care.

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Chiropractic in Excelsior

Chiropractic  Minnetonka MN

Acupuncturist Minnetonka MN

Your Complete Health and Wellness Center

At Knewtson Health Group you'll discover a state-of-the-art health care facility, with a warm and caring team of professionals.  Our chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, nutrition, and personal training staff and providers have the finest training and years of experience, earning us the trust and loyalty of our community.

​We help people with a variety of health conditions including: headaches, back pain, neck pain, sciatica, numbness and tingling, pediatric conditions, pregnancy, ear infections, colic, sports and auto injuries, and much more.  By working as a multidisciplinary team, you receive a collaborative treatment plan that will help you achieve your optimal level of health, improve athletic function, and enhance your overall well-being. Call to schedule a consultation today and learn more information on how you can start living a healthy, pain-free life.

Award Winning Services

Knewtson Health Group is proud to offer the highest quality of care across our departments and to be active members of our community.  We are involved in a number community organizations in Excelsior and Minnetonka, as well as supporting and sponsoring our local school districts, sports teams, and emergency services.  This, along with exceptional care, is the reason we have been voted Best of Minnetonka for multiple years, Southlake Chamber of Commerce Excellent Business Award, and Minnesota Monthly's Best Chiropractors.  See how our award-winning care can help you and your family achieve your health and wellness goals.  

Knewtson Health Group in Excelsior, MN.  Physical therapy in Excelsior. Chiropractic in Excelsior.