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5 Fun Ways to Stay Active All Winter Long

Man and woman working outJust because the temperatures have plummeted doesn’t mean you have to settle for a season of being sedentary. There are plenty of ways to stay active and healthy during these frigid winter months in Minnesota.

Here are five of our favorites:

1. Get a gym membership: Yes, this is an obvious one, but when you sign up for a membership, you’ll likely want to get your money’s worth. Plus, even on the most bitterly cold, darkest days, you’ll have somewhere warm and bright to work out. And as most gyms offer various classes and activities, your workouts will be anything but routine. 2. Go for a walk or run: Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t go for a walk or a run. Many people find that they enjoy the invigoration of exercising in the frosty fresh air. Just dress appropriately in layers so you don’t get too cold. 3. Take up a winter sport: We are in Minnesota after all! There are tons of fun winter sports to try to get active, including skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and snowshoeing. Want an intense workout? Consider belly-blasting fat biking! 4. Join a recreation league: Craving some seasonal socializing to go with your exercise? Consider joining a recreation league for a sport like volleyball, basketball or even bowling. Not only will you fit fitness into your week, but you’ll also get mood-boosting face-time with others. 5. Work out at home: If scraping the ice off your car and bundling up to hit the gym is about as appealing as getting a root canal, you can still get a good workout at home-even if you don’t have fancy equipment. There are tons of online programs you can follow, or you can make up your own routine that incorporates basic exercises. And no need to be a couch potato all night. Take advantage of commercial breaks to squeeze in some sit-ups or jumping jacks versus raiding the fridge.

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