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Athlete's Edge builds better athletes by providing them with knowledge about their bodies and teaching them how they move.  In our clinic we were continually seeing muscle, bone, and joint problems that could have been prevented with a more functional approach to sports medicine.  That approach is summed up in three words: Structure. Function. Performance.

The premise of Athlete's Edge is to stabilize the dynamic body using a joint-by-joint approach.  Training of our athletes always begins with the ability to control the body mass efficiently before you LOAD it with other weight training.  We help clients find lost mobility by correcting movement patterns and improve endurance.

The difference between Athlete's Edge and other approaches to training is our intent to mobilize and stabilize every joint in the body BEFORE we choose to increase the demand or load on that body.  We use a joint-by-joint approach to create the most structurally sound body prior to introducing resistance.  Training of our athletes always begins with the ability to control your body mass efficiently before loading it with other weight training.  We help our athletes understand that control of alignment (STRUCTURE), efficient movement (FUNCTION), and stabilization of the dynamic body (PERFORMANCE) is more COMPLEX than force production.  

Athlete's Edge is ideal for youth, college, or recreational athletes of all ages. For those looking to improve health and wellness through personalized personal training, Knewtson Health Group also offers individual and group exercise programs with certified personal trainers. Our team will use your goals to create a full-body workout routine that uses a combination of functional training, body composition analysis, gait analysis, cardiovascular, and strength training in our on-site gym.

Training at Knewtson Health Group includes:

Athlete's Edge                                Boot Camp                                        Golf Instruction

Personal Training                               Run Club                                       Functional Training


Athletic performance is a mixture of practice, training, and keeping your body working at 100%.  Daily aches, pains, and compensations can inhibit form and perform for athletes of all levels.  With Dr. Jason O'Donnell and Athlete's Edge, athletes can undergo a sport-specific exam to identify compensating movements that can limit training potential and increase risk of injury.

Injuries can come from a number of sources, but the most common is from training, exercising, and sports. These types of injuries can be due to over-training, improper warm-up and cool-down, improper use of equipment, or hits in contact sports. Typically, these injuries result in tenderness and pain, reduced mobility and range of motion, swelling, tingling, numbness, and/or headache. They also can result in decreased ability to train or perform at your regular intensity. If left untreated, these injuries can result in chronic areas of pain and tension, or be vulnerable to re-injury. Proper rehabilitation and treatment is key to proper recovery. 

Our chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, and training teams have years of experience and advanced training in treating sports injuries, acute injuries, and concussions. The can reduce the immediate pain and restore mobility, while teaching stretches and exercise that will help strengthen weakened areas and relax tense, tight areas to prevent re-injury. Beyond this, our training department through Athlete's Edge can help you to achieve greater levels of athletic performance through sport-specific training and rehab. To learn more about Athlete's Edge, click the link below.

Personal Training

Physical fitness is not only important for athletes, but it is essential for general health and wellness.  In fact, muscular weaknesses and imbalance has been found to be a cause of back pain and joint dysfunction.*  Additionally,  a recent study has found that those with higher muscle endurance were less likely to suffer low back pain.*  Beyond pain, exercise and fitness has been shown to reduce depression and anxiety symptoms, making it powerful tool in full body health.*