Knewtson Health Group

Nutrition Services 

Getting the right nutrition that is specifically geared to meet your daily needs  will not only help you feel better but help you perform better and help you live your best life!

Nutrition is a very broad subject. It involves everything from the growing of food and processing it to getting the micronutrients, vitamins and minerals into the cell. Good nutrition is more than just good choices at the store. It also includes your eating habits and what goes on during the 26 feet the food travels through your body.

Nutritional counseling also entails many different aspects. It is best started with a review of a clients wants and needs. It then proceeds to further in-depth questioning about their health, diet, medical and family history, and lifestyle. It may need to go further into lab testing such as blood, urine, or saliva tests.

Some people want a comprehensive approach to nutrition including both diet and supplements and others want a simple natural fix to a singular problem. We at Knewtson Health Group will discuss with you your goals and what you want to accomplish and design a program that best fits your needs.