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Muscle Activation Technique (MAT)

Woman with hands on backThroughout our lives whether from injury, aging, or sport, the amount of stress being put on our body accumulates. Over time, muscles cannot tolerate the level of stress and lose their ability to contract efficiently and on demand. Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) is a non-invasive systemic approach to find muscular imbalances in the body. MAT is the foundation of the integrative, whole-body plans of care that we tailor for our patients so they can enjoy the active lifestyle of the Excelsior community.

How Does it Help?

Stressors on your body range from a variety of chronic diseases, trauma, overuse, the negative side effects of working a sedentary job, and many other life experiences. When you lose the ability to recruit muscles in the correct way, your body compensates elsewhere. Compensation patterns in the body can lead to overuse of other muscles that make up for that loss. It can also lead to instability and irregular torque in your joints. MAT is effective in treating existing pain and tightness within the body as it seeks to find the root cause of discomfort. Additionally, MAT is crucial in preventing future injuries by ensuring that joints are stable and can move through a full range of motion.

What to Expect

MAT is a common technique that is used by chiropractors in the Excelsior community and elsewhere. Our team uses MAT in a unique way by integrating the findings into a tailored plan of care for each patient to restore proper muscle balance, increase overall function of the muscular system, and create a strong foundation for your body to perform optimally. Additional benefits of treatment based on MAT are improved outcomes for strengthening and training.

Sessions typically take about one hour. We begin with a range of motion examination to focus on your neuromuscular system and its ability to contract an individual muscle on demand. The focus is to pinpoint exactly which muscles aren’t working correctly, and activate those that are determined to be weak. By the end of the session, you should have a restored and symmetrical range of motion.

MAT is effective for people of all ages, and it has allowed many in our community to find relief that was thought impossible. The technique works well alongside chiropractic care to get your muscles firing and working in a way that is critical to maintaining the alignment of your bones.

MAT as Part of a Personal Plan of Care

At Knewtson Health Group, our team uses the Muscle Activation Technique as part of a broad, personalized plan of care to alleviate your symptoms and help you live a better life. For more information about our services, call us today at (952) 470-8555 to schedule an appointment.

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